Hi, I’m Lauren. I hail from the Steel City–Pittsburgh, PA–but transplanted to the Ausin, Texas 4 years ago and love it. I’m currently a co-founder of Voxable. We build conversational interfaces for products, companies, and brands. Voxable specializes in chatbots, voice apps like Alexa Skills and Google Home Apps, as well as web and native mobile CUIs–basically anytime a human is talking to a machine. Our mission is to help humans and machines better understand each other through interface research, design, user experience, and development. 

I’m so happy to be a designer/founder who has the chance to learn and grow in this endeavor. Being a designer of technology is incredibly rewarding. Not only are designers creating businesses that are meant to disrupt the current models in place, but we’re changing the way that humans experience life. Design has been the best lens into business, research, and life I’ve had. I love the experiences it's brought me. 

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