How You Handle Mistakes

I've been thinking a good bit about making mistakes. How they are frustratingly necessary, how I learn from them and how they help me become better. It's an uneasy feeling to know that everything I design will most assuredly have mistakes. Sometimes I feel like mistakes are little ghosts haunting me as I discover them, and each time I discover one I feel a little bit of that pit-in-your-stomach-oh-shit-why-did-i-do-that feeling. Though that feeling really sucks, but I'm glad that I have it because it usually motivates me to do whatever I can as quickly as possible to get rid of that feeling. It usually makes me committed to never feel that again, however lofty that goal is.

I find that feeling can also manifest as shame or confusion, and there are times I've completely wanted to ignore (or better yet, deny) the mistake and never think about it again. Or write it off as unfixable. But the ghosts are still there to haunt me and even worse, will be there to haunt the product and everyone working on that product with me. 

I think, how one handles mistakes says a lot about her character and work ethic. Handling mistakes well one of the true ways to display grit and tenacity and solve problems better. I'm trying to find ways to prepare myself for the next oh-shit moment, and am hoping I handle it well or at least better than the last time. Maybe I'll even dispel a few ghosts.