Designers’ Value in Tech

Design in the tech sector is sparking new and extending existing economic growth. Expect more value creation by designers in the coming years as tech matures. 

- John Maeda, Design In Tech Report 2015


I’m really excited about the extreme amount of collaboration happening in software design, and that it’s becoming the job of the designer to be as deep and thorough as the complexity of the application demands. We have more responsibility to have access and influence on the internal teams who are also innovating and contributing to the final design and experience that everyone is so tirelessly trying to wrangle and make better. 

It puts some immense process, documentation, and communication challenges on the internal teams’ plates, but the really great companies and products are making it a priority to improve these things. It’s raising the status quo on the quality of software being produced these days, and maybe that is one reason it seems that the Tech industry is hiring and leveraging designers to have greater influence on the product experience and the process by which it’s created. 

I think it’s important to remember that every contributor to the product is participating in the Design of the product. If each contributor isn’t constantly asking, “What is the best way to do this right now?” and understanding the implications, we’re risking the greater business goals.