Getting Developers & Designers to Work Better Together

It’s interesting because every product I’ve worked for has suffered from some amount of the (mis)communication that happens between designers and developers. This is not a new problem to the industry, it actually seems to be an prevailing theme. A lot of companies I’ve talked to have this problem, and continue to have it, not really knowing what to do or how to fix it.

I think the answer is pretty simple, but definitely not easy. The answer is that development and design need to deeply collaborate together and be highly aligned to the same product goals. We need to be physically closer to each other. Development needs to understand why design decisions are being made, and get the opportunity to influence them when they happen. The same is true for designers when development decisions are being made. Ultimately these decisions overlap, and become the same product decision. Perhaps even the same product process.

Making or influencing and understanding those decisions is good product Design.