I worked closely with the Conceivable team to help launch their startup–an app enabled program for infertility patients. We needed to take a highly successful offline lifestyle and acupuncture program turn it into a connected, trackable technology program that infertile women everywhere could benefit from.

iOS App

Marketing Website

After working with the Thinktiv team on content and direction for the beta release of the app, I designed and developed the Conceivable Marketing website. We wanted to focus on giving potential beta users the right information so they could understand the full value of the program and ultimately purchase a subscription. It was built on the Bootstrap framework and is fully responsive. 

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Update: My colleagues at Thinktiv have continued to help grow this company which has recently publicly launched the updated program and iOS application and has been taking off.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

The Conceivable PRO Line packaging materials.

Conceivable's Herbal Supplement Subscription line–consumers are shipped custom combinations of herbs every month.

An integral part of the Conceivable program is a line of herbal tinctures. We helped develop the product line and helped to figure out a subscription based model that would tie the herbs into the program. 

We also created 2 product lines–one for consumers, and one for acupuncturists to dispense in their own clinics. We developed supporting materials for the acupuncturists using the PRO line so they could easily prescribe and dispense the herbs to their patients.  


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