The LivingTree Brand

LivingTree came to Thinktiv to rethink their brand and messaging stack. As a social management tool for parents, teachers, students, schools and community leaders to connect and organize around kids’ busy lives. LivingTree had a clear market within school districts, families, and organizations. 

I lead art direction and story-boarding on multiple brand animations to help LivingTree tell their story to families, schools, teachers, and communities.

Web and Mobile Apps

After refining their identity, I helped them update their product UI to match their new brand and refined the UX to improve the usability of their web and mobile applications. I continued to work on their UX by helping them develop their roadmap and design new features for their growing product. 

Website Redesign

Through my product work with the LivingTree, they gained strong momentum in the market, and needed to re-think their Marketing presence on the web. I helped them redesign their marketing website and refined some of their communication and language surrounding their new product features and offerings.