👋 Hi, I'm Lauren. 
I'm lucky enough to run Voxable with my partner in life, Matthew Buck. We founded Voxable to help clients more effectively communicate with their customers through conversational interface design and development.

We were originally inspired to create Voxable when we connected our home to a voice-first device and felt like the wizards and space captains we saw on TV and read about in books.
My background is in product design and user experience, which is driven by my fascination with the way things work–especially the human mind. My experience working with startups and leading design strategy for tech companies enables me to dive into design problems and help clients understand the best path forward.
I regularly speak about conversational design and advocate for a greater creative effort to be invested in this new technology.
I started my career working at a full-service digital studio, where I really feel in love with designing for the web. I also got to cut my teeth on animation direction, story boarding, and story development. I was lucky enough to move onto Venture Accelerator where I mastered product design and UX, and learned a lot about working with startups and aligning design with business. I moved onto a Design Director position at a big data startup where I lead design efforts in communicating and visualizing big data to consumers.