Ghostbot by Burner

Design and strategy for Ghostbot the inaugural chatbot on the Burner platform

I researched, designed, and managed Ghostbot, the first chatbot built for Burner’s connections platform, which connects intelligent phone numbers to useful apps. This work was done via the Voxable consultancy.


We explored one of the most popular use cases for the Burner app—online dating. Women primarily use Burner as a privacy layer between themselves and their dates. In my research, we discovered that women experience a disproportionate amount of online abuse and aggressive texting in short-lived relationships. I collected and categorized women’s conversations and posted them to sites like Tinder Nightmares and Bye Felipe.

Conversation Design

I designed the natural language understanding (NLU) to respond to various incoming text messages and built the conversational intelligence to respond to texts, even the most aggressive ones. I created training data and sample dialogues to train the NLU model built in Dialogflow.

I designed the app onboarding experience for activating Ghostbot on the Burner platform, which included creating a user flow and UI screens. 

Branding & Messaging

With women users as the primary focus, I developed the branding and messaging for Ghostbot. I created the Ghostbot logo and branding used in the application and worked with a writer to shape the bot messaging within the chatbot.

Press Coverage

Ghostbot was featured in dozens of news outlets, and I spoke to reporters about our design approach and execution of the app.