UX design, wireframes, & UI design for a private equity trading platform

I worked with the SharesPost CTO and CMO to help the company make its second big product release in 2013 which coincided with the IPOs of the hottest tech companies at the time: Facebook and Twitter. SharesPost enabled shareholders of private companies, like startup investors and employees, to trade their shares on a centralized platform. It also provided price and valuation visibility to venture-backed companies traded on the platform. 

I learned about the process for legally trading private equity and defined the user stories that would comprise the app user experience. I then designed user flows and UI screens that described how the user stories would play out in the application. 

I worked with the SharesPost CTO and development team at Pivotal Labs to invent new features and manage their development, from user story definition to UI assets to QA testing. I continued to work with the SharesPost marketing team to help them shape marketing campaigns and new product offerings.

Sharespost product designs