Marketing website development, MVP design strategy, & product design for a fertility app

iOS App

I worked closely with the Conceivable team to help launch their fertility app and herbal supplement subscription program. I researched and designed the technology that would take a highly successful offline lifestyle and acupuncture program and turn it into a connected, trackable technology program for women struggling with infertility.

Marketing Website

In addition to the MVP app, I designed and built the marketing website in Squarespace and helped develop the initial branding and marketing messaging. I selected stock photos and fonts and created infographics to support the marketing and product messaging. I helped translate the acupuncture and fertility terms into digestible marketing and UX language that users could understand based on my research. 


The Conceivable product offering includes a monthly herbal supplement subscription. I designed the labels and worked with the labeling company to ensure the labels met FDA regulations for supplement label designs. 

Press Coverage

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