Conversation design workshop facilitation & conversation design support

With the help of the Voxable team, I designed and facilitated a conversation design workshop for the GoDaddy team responsible for designing and implementing their support chatbot. We also provided ongoing conversation design and development support after the workshop as the team created the chatbot.

Affinity Diagramming and Information Architecture

I worked with the GoDaddy team to define the most critical user requests based on search data. I facilitated an affinity diagramming exercise to illustrate how users approach a chat interface. By using sticky notes to determine user requests and then organize them spatially, the team could visualize the complexity of the conversational system and where user requests and system actions intersect and overlap.

The affinity diagramming exercise laid the groundwork for developing the chatbot’s information architecture. We mapped all the topics and how they intersected and overlapped, which the GoDaddy team used to create the chatbot’s natural language understanding (NLU).

Conversational Writing Exercises

I developed conversational writing exercises based on Voxable’s existing workshop content and tailored them for the GoDaddy brand. The Freddish activity is based on my childhood hero Mr. Rogers, and I adapted its framework to the GoDaddy branding. I then facilitated a writing exercise with the GoDaddy team to practice writing chatbot dialogues with their customized “Godaddyish” rules. These exercises helped align the team and give them experience writing a consistent chatbot voice and tone no matter who wrote the dialogue.

Conversational UI Strategy & Design

After the workshop, Voxable provided design and development support to the GoDaddy team. I helped the team create conversational flow diagrams as they built new chatbot features. I also advised the GoDaddy team on how to implement custom chat components into the chat interface and created UI design assets to aid in its implementation.