Hostbot by Burner

Design & strategy for the vacation rental host assistant Hostbot

Burner engaged us to create another chatbot for their platform that focused on another core use case for their intelligent numbers.


After uncovering the short-term rental host use case within Burner’s core user base, I dove into researching how a chatbot could assist hosts in communicating with their guests. I spoke with several vacation rental hosts and gathered data on Reddit and other host-specific forums. I synthesized the research into the top communication problems hosts repeatedly run into. 

Conversation Design

With the research about hosts’ communication issues, I was able to design a chatbot service that would be able to handle the most frequent user requests. Hosts could add their custom answers to their most frequently asked questions like the wifi password and checkout procedures. Hostbot’s conversational intelligence would answer guests’ questions with the hosts’ answers. 

I created the conversational strategy and designed the user flows and chat dialogues. I helped train the conversational intelligence built in Dialogflow. I also designed the application screens where hosts could set up their custom responses and manage conversations with their guests. 

Branding & Messaging

Based on my research, I developed the Hostbot branding and messaging and created a warm, engaging logo inspired by messaging icons and Airbnb branding.