Keller Williams

Conversation design strategy, custom chatbot design direction, & conversation design execution

Keller Williams sought Voxable’s services and support in launching their custom agent app virtual assistant.

Research & Strategy

The Keller Williams team had already worked with an agency to build the first version of their virtual assistant. Still, the performance and execution weren’t quite right for the technology ecosystem. Voxable was brought on to provide strategy, design, and development support and to lead the virtual assistant design and development by creating design assets and managing contracted developers. 

To understand the scope of the problem, I audited the existing chatbot, user research, and app designs to understand what updates needed to be made to the new chatbot and what existing pieces carried over. Because the scope of the agent app was expanding significantly, the chatbot needed to expand along with it. The idea is that it would be an omnipresent feature available throughout the app and be contextually aware of what agents need at any given time.

I developed initial recommendations in a report and presented a strategy for implementing the custom chat solution with the Keller Williams team. We provided recommendations for updating their existing chatbot architecture and natural language understanding (NLU). 

Conversation Design

After aligning the team on the chatbot direction, I created conversational flow diagrams and information architecture that would inform the NLU. After implementing the new NLU, I reviewed the chatbot analytics and iterated on the conversation design. I worked with the mobile app team to direct the conversational UI design and provided direction for each new chatbot feature we added to the new chatbot and mobile app.